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When your VAT position bucks the trend

When your VAT return shows a large repayment when you are normally in a payment position, it is likely that HMRC will carry out a VAT inspection before releasing the funds. What should you expect and can you speed it up?

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When should you issue an invoice?

In what circumstances does your business have to issue an invoice, and how long does it have to do so? Are there any planning opportunities in respect of timing? More...


Assets with both business and private use

Your business may purchase an asset that has both business and private use. In such a case, how much VAT can you recover and what different methods of recovery are available? More...


Promo International Limited v HMRC TC/2015/03746. Penalties


Dealing with part payments and barter transactions

What happens if your business receives part payments or payments in kind when it uses cash accounting? And what if the supplies are chargeable at different VAT rates? More...


When to register in respect of property transactions?

If you are getting involved in a property business, building new houses or refurbishing commercial property, when should you register for VAT and is it important to do so? More...
Last updated: 25.05.2017

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