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Tax-saving ideas to implement before 6 April 2017

The January tax filing season may seem far behind you, but now is the time to consider tax planning opportunities before the 2016/17 tax year ends on 5 April. How might you advise personal clients on ways of minimising tax?

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How to avoid the money purchase annual allowance trap

One of the quietest announcements in the Autumn Statement 2016 was that from April 2017 the money purchase annual allowance would be reducing to £4,000. What is the allowance and how can your clients avoid inadvertently triggering it? More...


Business property relief and double dipping

Business property relief is one of the most valuable tax reliefs as it can take the value of assets outside the scope of inheritance tax. How can your clients use a strategy to utilise the relief more than once? More...


EU to centralise VAT schemes?

There are several VAT schemes open to your SME clients, such as the flat rate scheme. The European Commission is thinking about making changes. What could change and why should your clients get involved? More...


How to deal with SDLT on leases

Accounting for stamp duty land tax when purchasing a freehold property is a familiar concept. The charge also applies to leasehold interests but calculating the correct amount can be more complicated. What do you need to know? More...


Reclaiming VAT before trading commences

Your clients will not usually think about VAT until their annual sales reach the VAT registration threshold. But can they register before any sales have even been made, and if so, is it worth it? More...
Last updated: 28.02.2017

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