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Can a tax charge be avoided by a fair bargain?

One of your clients receives various benefits from their employer. They’ve informed you that in respect of some of these, they are required to make a payment. They have asked whether they can avoid a tax charge on those benefits - is that possible?

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Tax savings when buying commercial property

A client is relocating to new premises and has asked you for advice on the tax consequences, as the vendor has not pooled some expenditure on fixtures as required by the legislation. Can allowances be claimed despite the conditions not being met? More...


HMRC finally clarifies position on RTI penalties

A decision on extending a concession on RTI late filing penalties has finally been issued. So is the news good or bad for your employer clients? More...


Planning for care home fees

Care home costs are increasingly expensive. Local authorities can investigate your clients’ inheritance tax planning, and potentially use old assets as a measure of wealth when assessing ability to pay. How do you advise your clients to ensure they prevail? More...


Public sector contractors to be hit by changes

The 2016 Budget announced that there would be a change regarding how IR35 rules would apply to contractors working in the public sector. How will the rules affect your contractor clients and what can you do to help them maintain their income? More...


Don’t miss out on research and development relief

Research and development tax reliefs are valuable but significantly under claimed due to fear of the process. Many accountants refer their clients to external specialists, but is this necessary, and if not how can you and your client make the claim yourselves? More...
Last updated: 26.08.2016

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