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Change to RTI penalty appeals

In May 2017 HMRC issued penalty notices for late filing of RTI reports for the final quarter of 2016/17. You can appeal, but an extra step is now needed. What’s changed?


Landlords forced into cash-basis accounting

For 2017/18 and later years most private landlords will be expected to work out their profits using cash-basis accounting. This can make preparing your tax returns simpler, but it does have drawbacks. What’s the full story?


New opportunity for salary sacrifice savings

Opportunities to use salary sacrifice to reduce tax and NI are now very limited, but some arrangements are still possible. With changes to auto-enrolment on the horizon how can you take advantage?


Work lotto tickets are taxable - truth or myth?

As a bit of fun and as a goodwill gesture you buy lottery tickets each week for your staff. One of your workers is telling the others that not only is this a taxable perk, but if they win the money they receive will be taxed. Is she right?


Just an average tax bill

As an expert in your field you wrote several guides a few years ago, which you sell via a website. They don’t make a stack of money, but now a major company has offered to buy the rights for a significant sum. How will it be taxed?


More ways to claim gift aid

You’ve been contacted by a charity asking for regular donations but you don’t want to commit to this. However, you’re happy to make a one-off donation; there’s even a way to do this without using your cash savings. How does it work?


Holding companies reclaiming VAT - what’s the latest?

Your business consists of two trading and one holding companies. You’re also negotiating the purchase of a competitor business, which is costing the holding company a lot of money in professional fees. Can it reclaim the VAT on these?
Last updated: 22.06.2017

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