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New opportunity for salary sacrifice savings

Opportunities to use salary sacrifice to reduce tax and NI are now very limited, but some arrangements are still possible. With changes to auto-enrolment on the horizon how can you take advantage?

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2016/17 P11Ds - what’s new?

Major changes to the benefits and expenses rules were made for 2016/17 (and later years). These must be incorporated in the P11Ds you submit to HMRC. What, especially, should you be looking out for? More...


Directors’ loan accounts - latest from HMRC


Getting more from your tax-free allowances

Government tinkering with the tax rates and allowances now means you should approach working out your tax bill differently. Relying on usual practice or HMRC to get it right might mean paying too much. How can you ensure you don’t? More...


P11D reporting of expenses for 2016/17


Can a dividend ever be too high?

When you started your company you took a small salary plus dividends. Your accountant now says because the company’s profits weren’t sufficient some of them were illegal and you might have to pay tax on them. Is he correct? More...
Last updated: 22.06.2017

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