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New tax rules axed

Around half of the tax changes proposed by Finance Bill 2017 have been set aside because of the general election. How might this affect you and your business?

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Investing in your company - how tax efficient is it?

Interest rates on savings are currently derisory, yet your business is paying through the nose for its overdraft facility. Can you use your personal money to save your company costs and generate tax-efficient income? More...


Ignore employee starter checklists at your peril!

The First-tier Tribunal recently ruled that a business was liable for an employee’s PAYE bill which resulted from her failure to complete the “starter checklist”. What steps should the employer have taken to protect itself? More...


2016/17 P11Ds - what’s new?

Major changes to the benefits and expenses rules were made for 2016/17 (and later years). These must be incorporated in the P11Ds you submit to HMRC. What, especially, should you be looking out for? More...


The Lords has its say on MTD

The House of Lords’ report on Making Tax Digital expresses doubts over HMRC’s plans. What effect, if any, is this likely to have on you and your business? More...


How to correctly handle VAT errors and adjustments

Honest mistakes in your VAT returns are bound to happen, even HMRC acknowledges this. What steps must you take to put them right and what other tax adjustments might you need to consider? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2017

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