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Is ADR the answer to your dispute with HMRC?

If you’re in a spat with HMRC, the solution may be nearer to hand than you think. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is increasingly the smart option for dealing with the Taxman, but when and how can you use it?

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Sell your property and save up to 44% of your tax bill

When the Chancellor announced a cut in capital gains tax rates he excluded residential landlords and anyone who owns more than one home. How can you qualify for new lower rates by using a legitimate tax break? More...


Salary sacrifice still safe for directors

From April 2017 some types of salary sacrifice scheme for employees will cease to be tax efficient. But can directors escape the new rules? More...


Termination payments - new rules

Following consultation, the government has published draft new rules on employee termination payments. As an employer, how and when might they affect you? More...


Is VAT payable when you sell your home office?

You plan to extend your house to accommodate an office for your business. A colleague has told you that this means VAT will have to be accounted for when you sell the property. Is he correct? More...


HMRC updates its capital v revenue expenses toolkit

Whether an expense is capital or revenue determines how soon it qualifies for a tax deduction, and possibly if it qualifies at all. What does HMRC’s updated toolkit say about tax relief for the cost of repairing a newly acquired asset? More...
Last updated: 23.09.2016

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