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Residential buy-to-lets and VAT

It’s no secret that the buy-to-let market has recently been targeted with increased and additional taxes. However, some landlords might be overlooking a tax-saving opportunity. What’s involved? More...


Salary sacrifice is not an option

While salary sacrifice is a valuable tax planning tool, since April 2016 it can’t be used in some situations. HMRC has warned employers that doing so puts them at risk of penalties. What’s the full story? More...


Brexit - will it affect your tax bill?

Before the vote the Chancellor indicated there could be massive tax rises if we chose to leave the EU. Was this just campaign talk or should you brace yourself for some substantial changes to the tax system? More...


Maximising the nil rate tax bands

For 2016/17 using your basic personal tax-free allowance, starting tax rate and the new zero rate bands for savings income and dividends allows you to engineer up to £22,000 tax free. How is it done? More...


HMRC’s updated list for approved expenses

Last updated: 24.08.2016

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