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Are you too late to make a claim?

If you forget to claim an allowance or deduction on your tax return you have a relatively short time in which to put it right. The good news is that if you miss the deadline all is not lost as a different type of claim can be made. What’s involved?

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Sell your property and save up to 44% of your tax bill

When the Chancellor announced a cut in capital gains tax rates he excluded residential landlords and anyone who owns more than one home. How can you qualify for new lower rates by using a legitimate tax break? More...


What’s the latest on directors’ loans?

In September 2016 HMRC updated its Directors’ Loan Accounts Toolkit. Are there changes that might cause trouble for you or your company? More...


Mileage allowances must be reported


Salary sacrifice still safe for directors

From April 2017 some types of salary sacrifice scheme for employees will cease to be tax efficient. But can directors escape the new rules? More...


New pensions exemption takes shape

The 2016 Budget proposed a new tax exemption for pensions advice. A recent HMRC document about it contains one or two surprises. What’s the full story? More...
Last updated: 20.10.2016

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