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Another £42,000 after a full and final settlement

HMRC has made an employer pay a former employee £42,000 for unpaid statutory maternity pay (SMP) despite the fact she had already received £60,000 in full and final settlement. What went wrong?

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Paid time off to attend a funeral?

Apparently, nearly 20% of employees have been forced to take annual or unpaid leave to attend the funeral of a close relative or friend. This suggests there’s a right to paid time off to attend a funeral - but is there? More...


Holidays: don’t bank on it!

Due to the way the bank holidays fall in April and May 2017, many employees will be able to take 18 consecutive days off work using nine days’ holiday. If this doesn’t suit you, can you say “no”? More...


Salary sacrifice: benefits removed

From 6 April 2017 the income tax and employers’ NI advantages that currently apply to salary sacrifice schemes will be limited, but which benefits in kind (BiKs) won’t be affected? More...


Is Type 2 diabetes a disability now?

Type 2 diabetes affects around 3.2 million people in the UK. The Employment Appeal Tribunal previously stated that the condition isn’t automatically a disability but has a new ruling changed this? More...


The danger of a “satisfactory” appraisal

Appraisals aren’t a legal requirement but it is good practice to carry them out at least once a year. When doing so you should avoid a “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” rating system. Why? More...
Last updated: 22.02.2017

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