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Can you impose a lay-off automatically?

If you experience a downturn in work, you might want to lay off one or more employees. This is where you tell them not to come into work for at least one working day. Sounds good, but can you do this automatically?

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BiKs to lose tax advantages?

If HMRC gets its way, the tax advantages for many benefits in kind (BiKs) will be scrapped from April 2017. What is it planning? More...


Another reason not to ditch appraisals!


How do we deal with filthy toilets?

Somebody has complained that one of the staff toilets has been left in an appalling state on a number of occasions. This is certainly an unpleasant situation, but how should you deal with it? More...


New hires and statutory holiday entitlement

All workers are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday in each leave year. But what happens when a new employee starts work part-way through your leave year? How is their statutory holiday entitlement calculated? More...


Covert recording costs employees £69,484

Employees who make covert recordings are often allowed to use them as evidence against their employer in tribunal. However, this practice has just cost four employees nearly £70,000. What did they do wrong? More...
Last updated: 23.09.2016

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