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Rejected due to “online activity”

At least 20% of employers have rejected a job applicant because of something they’ve seen posted in their online activity. Can you check out job applicants on social media and what if you find something you don’t like?

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Long-term sickness absence and dismissal

The Court of Appeal has decided that an employee who was sacked following over a year’s sickness absence was unfairly dismissed. Does that mean you can’t ever dismiss employees who are on long-term sickness absence? More...


The new “Tax-Free Childcare” scheme

On 21 April 2017 the new Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) scheme was launched. It will come into force in stages and is quite different to the existing childcare voucher scheme. How much involvement will employers have in TFC? More...


Sickness absence: managing migraines

An employee regularly suffers from terrible migraines and needs to go home early. Can you require them to make up the time they miss when they are feeling better or is this problematic? More...


Statutory paid holiday rights post-Brexit

The Prime Minister has now triggered Article 50 and the UK is on course to leave the European Union. When we eventually do, what will happen to employees’ existing statutory paid holiday rights? More...


Q&A - what’s the law on drinking water?

Last updated: 26.05.2017

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