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Tax codes

Check that tax code!

When it comes to tax codes HMRC doesn’t always get it right. Yet the consequences of an incorrect code can be significant. What advice can you give your staff to ensure they’re not under or overpaying tax?

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tax codes

Wrong code? Here’s what to do


How to keep up with HMRC

benefits in kind

And then there were 13 (sections of the P11D)

The layout of the P11D has been stable for some years. But in October 2016 HMRC suddenly announced that the 2016/17 form will change. What are the key things you need to know? More...


RTI: lessons learned and future plans

It’s nearly four years since RTI went live and now a new PAYE project will launch in April 2017. What key things have been learned about RTI and what does the future hold? What do you really need to know? More...

tax year 2017/18

Prepare for a busy payroll year!

The PM says she wants to focus on those who are “just about managing”. That’s an apt description for employers and payroll agents given the changes to payroll operations in April 2017. How should you prepare? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2017

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