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sunday working

What’s happened to shop workers’ enhanced rights?

The Enterprise Act 2016 includes provisions that strengthen shop workers’ rights in relation to Sunday working. It was anticipated these changes would take effect in October 2016. It didn’t happen and it’s been quiet since. What’s the latest?

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Get tooled up to check status?

Establishing the tax status of a worker you’ve engaged is not an easy task for any HR professional yet the consequences of getting it wrong can be serious. Should you use HMRC’s new tool for a reliable assessment? More...


Should you undertake criminal record checks?

The board of directors has asked that a criminal record check should be carried out on all new recruits. If you can do this legally how should you go about it and what do you need to be aware of? More...


How to dismiss short-serving employees

Employees with less than two years’ service cannot generally claim unfair dismissal so it’s relatively straightforward to dismiss them. What considerations do you need to have in mind before dismissing a short-serving employee and how should you go about it? More...


Dealing with secondary employment

To clamp down on employees having second jobs, you need to insert an “outside business interests” clause into employment contracts. What should you include and what action should you take where you suspect an employee has secondary employment that they’ve not declared? More...

employee engagement surveys

Is the cost of a survey justified?

Employee engagement is a hot topic for HR professionals and it’s easy to spend thousands of pounds on employee engagement surveys. If you choose to go down this route how can you ensure it delivers value? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2017

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