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Director imprisoned for loading death

A company director has been handed a prison sentence in connection with a fatal accident during lorry loading. How did the accident occur and why was the penalty so severe?

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Fire safety briefing

You’ve heard that you need to provide annual fire safety training for all staff, but what should you include? Our fire safety briefing document covers the core essentials. More...


Q&A - is it legal to allow dogs in the office?


Review of enforcement underway

Plans are afoot which could completely shake up how health and safety is enforced. What’s on the table and when can you expect the plans to come to fruition? More...


The latest on driver safety

You’ve heard of firms putting their staff through fancy driver training programmes. So far your own arrangements have focused on the basics such as driver licence checks. What’s the bottom line; must you do more? More...


Are safety glasses dangerous?

It’s been suggested that wearing safety glasses all day can affect the health of the eyes. Is there anything in this and should you be asking staff to wear them for prolonged periods? More...
Last updated: 21.10.2016

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