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Employers left confused on health

Dame Carol Black, long-time advisor to the government, has warned that the system of occupational health support is in disarray and that many employers don’t know where they stand. How is it supposed to work?

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Must you train staff to use defibrillators?

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are becoming a common sight. Should you have one fitted at your workplace, and if your staff have access to one should you provide training? More...


HSE suggests you can cut the paperwork

The HSE has published draft updated guidance on the risk assessment process. The good news is that it suggests you can cut down on paperwork and avoid duplicating what’s already been written down. What’s on the cards? More...


Sitting for too long is dangerous


Is your helmet the right colour?

In October 2016 it was widely reported by the media that new rules would mean that Bob the Builder would no longer be allowed to wear his yellow helmet. Where did the story originate and is there any truth behind it? More...


Directors and managers in the dock

Figures obtained by a law firm identify that the number of directors and managers prosecuted for health and safety offences has increased. What’s to know? More...
Last updated: 08.12.2016

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