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What’s the best way to move gas cylinders?

Moving gas cylinders, particularly the larger ones, is a real challenge. They are heavy and awkward, especially if they need to be carried for distances or up or down steps. What are the rules?

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April legal changes

April and October are the two months each year in which the majority of new legislation comes into force. So are you awash with new legal requirements as of April 2017? More...


Don’t stress about it

The HSE has announced that it’s “back in the game” when it comes to work-related stress. What can you take from this? More...


Burning the candle at both ends

Your senior managers are paid to get the job done, with few rules about what they do and when. But lately one manager seems to be working all hours. Are there health and safety issues to consider? More...


Once you’re on the radar...

A manager and a firm have been prosecuted for failing to maintain health and safety standards, despite the fact that there were no reported cases of injury or ill health. What can be learned from this case? More...


The HSE’s plans for the year

The HSE has published its business plan for 2017/18. What does it have up its sleeve and how might you be affected? More...
Last updated: 23.06.2017

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