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Mobile data savings

You’ve equipped several of your staff with smartphones - but the data costs keep rising. You’ve heard of ad blockers, but what are they and could they save you money on your smartphone bills?

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Annual returns RIP

Since 1 July 2016 annual returns have been abolished and replaced with a confirmation statement - what’s the difference? More...


A choice of charge out rates?

You’re reconsidering the range of charge out fee rates offered to clients. What are the alternative ways that hourly fee rates can be calculated and which would be best for your company? More...


Changes to the revaluation of fixed assets

Your company’s balance sheet includes revalued freehold buildings that previously, as required by FRS 15, required a valuation by a qualified surveyor every five years. With FRS 102, does this policy have to continue? More...


Intercompany eliminations

Your company has just acquired the company that will supply it. This is the first month that you are producing consolidated management accounts. What extra steps will be needed to ensure that there is no double counting? More...


FAQs - get them right to save time

The FAQ section of your website isn’t just a nice to have, requiring little effort or thought. It’s actually a great way to help your customers help themselves. How can doing it right save you money? More...
Last updated: 26.08.2016

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