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Reviewing overheads

It’s good management to regularly keep an eye on your overheads because expenses can easily start to creep up. How should you go about conducting an overhead review?

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Salary or dividend? The age old question

The end of your company’s financial year is not far away and it’s been a good one. You’ve decided to pay yourself a little extra, but following changes to the tax rules you’re wondering whether a dividend remains the most cost-effective way to do this? More...


2017/18 payroll changes

The Autumn Statement 2016 announced changes to tax and NI limits. What do you need to know to prepare for the 2017/18 payroll year? More...


Relocating your business

The lease on your offices is expiring early next year. You’ve been tasked with drawing up an analysis of the financial cost of relocating as the existing offices are now too small. Where do you start? More...


Stepping up to FD

Having previously been a financial controller, you’ve just accepted your first role as a finance director. What should you be doing to make the best impression possible at your new company during your first 100 days? More...


Is this the end of your salary sacrifice scheme?

From 6 April 2017 HMRC is to axe salary sacrifice tax and employers’ NI perks on a range of employee benefits. If your company currently offers a salary sacrifice scheme to employees, how will the changes affect it? More...
Last updated: 17.02.2017

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