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Home disposal savings?

All businesses need to have their waste collected by a regulated contractor, which costs money. But should staff be taking some of their own rubbish home and what will it save you if they do?

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Implications for commercial contracts

Whilst there are no immediate changes to the law following the vote for Brexit, are there any contract issues that you ought to be considering now? More...


Do you really need that?

At every level of business there are normally accounts with suppliers that you and your staff turn to without thinking about the cost. But do you really need all that stuff or are there cost-saving opportunities? More...


Using the apprenticeship levy to fund training

In April 2017 a new payroll tax is being introduced to fund apprenticeships. It will mean an extra staff cost if you have to pay it, but you might be able to claw it back to fund training. How do you do this and what if you don’t pay the levy? More...


Retention, bonus or dividend?

The owners of your business have asked you to devise a structure to be used to decide how much annual profit should be shared with staff, retained in the company and paid as a performance-related dividend. Where do you start? More...


Building a cost of goods sold budget in uncertain times

Budgeting time is looming and you’re worried about producing the cost of goods sold (COGS) budget because of potential currency fluctuations on your imported materials. How can you budget for COGS under these circumstances? More...
Last updated: 29.09.2016

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