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Biomass boilers - are they green?

Using wood for energy often has a positive image as it’s a natural product. But a growing body of opinion suggests that these systems may not be as green as has been claimed. What’s to know?

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Assess environmental risks

As part of the environmental permit application, you’ve been told that you need to complete a risk assessment to identify the significant risks on your site. How should you approach this? More...


Environmental management gone wrong

If you’re operating or working towards an environmental management system you’ll need a procedure for dealing with non-conformances. What does this term mean and how should you respond? Our flow chart will help. More...


It’s not just the big fish...


New standard: ISO 14080. Is this for you?


Polluting vehicles are costly

“Buy diesel” the government said “it’s greener and more efficient”. But now the green bubble has burst the advice has changed. Where does this leave you? More...
Last updated: 27.06.2017

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