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Dodgy deals up in flames

Three employees have been fined for illegally depositing and burning waste materials. What can be learned from this case?

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How to assess environmental risk

You’ve been asked by a client to provide your written procedure for environmental risk assessment. Why would you need this and what should you include in such a document? More...


Q&A - must our advisor be chartered?


A mug’s game - disposing of coffee cups

Research published in April 2016 has indicated that more staff than ever are heading to local coffee shops and bringing their cups back into the workplace. How should you deal with the waste material this generates? More...


Towels, paper and machines

The environmental impact of hand drying could be greater than you think. Hand dryers can be energy drains, whereas paper towels create waste. Is there another option that may be greener and cheaper? More...


Q&A - must we be ISO 14001:2015 accredited?

Last updated: 25.08.2016

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