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Director jailed for health and safety breach

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Review of directors’ pay and duties

Following two high-profile cases the government has launched an enquiry into directors’ remuneration and their duties. This may well result in new legislation. Should you be worried? More...


£5,000 fine for not registering with the ICO

Any business that processes personal data must be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). One small company that didn’t has been prosecuted and fined £5,000. What should you do following this case? More...


How to ensure a tax deduction for sponsorship costs

HMRC is known to closely scrutinise tax deductions claimed by owner-managed businesses for sponsorship costs. What is it looking for and what steps can you take to ensure you don’t lose out on tax relief? More...


Temporary all clear given for free Wi-Fi


Are safety signs needed for every risk?

An external consultant insists that your business is legally required to display warning signs - which, naturally, they can sell you - for every safety hazard they’ve identified. Is this true or just an attempt to make money? More...
Last updated: 27.10.2016

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