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Employment status - protecting yourself from HMRC

HMRC is carrying out a check of your PAYE records. Your payroll manager has the records in perfect order. The trouble is HMRC is now asking about contractors you pay off-payroll. Why and what precautions should you take in this situation?

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Is dividend paperwork really necessary?

A tax tribunal has considered if money drawn from a company by its directors was earnings, on which PAYE tax and NI was due, or dividends. The directors said it was the latter, HMRC took a different view. What was the decision? More...


How to carry out an accident investigation

An employee has just injured himself and you’ve been advised that it’s serious enough to justify an accident investigation. This will be a first for your business, so how do you do it? More...


Employing a young person

A friend’s 17-year-old son has asked whether you have any work that he could do during school holidays and at weekends. If you employ him, are there any statutory rights that are specific to the under 18s? More...


Time is nearly up for Windows 10 freebie


The latest on tax relief and goodwill

In 2015 the government changed the rules regarding the tax deductibility for the cost of buying or creating goodwill. You’re finalising the accounts for last year, which includes the purchase of goodwill, can you claim a deduction? More...
Last updated: 25.08.2016

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