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The landlord wants to carry out works

Let’s suppose that the landlord of your premises wants to carry out some fairly major remedial works to the building. Must they have regard to the impact that these works will have on your business?

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Going paperless with payslips

Your supply of payslips is running out and your payroll manager has suggested going paperless. You’ve no objection, but are there any special steps you need to take to put it into practice? More...


HMRC’s plan to end tax-free perks

HMRC’s latest consultation spells the end of some types of salary sacrifice scheme. If you use one or more, how will it affect you? More...


Are safety signs needed for every risk?

An external consultant insists that your business is legally required to display warning signs - which, naturally, they can sell you - for every safety hazard they’ve identified. Is this true or just an attempt to make money? More...


Modern slavery: small company found liable

The first company has been found guilty of breaches of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. However, rather than a being a major corporation, the offender is a small business. What happened and should you be worried? More...


Can driving lessons save you money?

One of your reps broke her leg in a car accident en route to a prospective customer. It will cost you in lost time and new business. Are there any measures you can take to reduce the risk of something similar happening again? More...
Last updated: 23.09.2016

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