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A tax-saving solution for directors’ loans

During the last year you’ve used your company’s money to pay a number of personal bills. This will trigger extra tax for your company unless you reimburse it or it waives the debt. What’s the most tax-efficient way to tackle this? More...


Tax deductions - what’s the best company car?

Tax relief for the cost of company cars can be allowed all in one year or take over 20 years. This makes a big difference to your cash flow. What types of car should you choose for the best results? More...


How to ensure tax relief for your home broadband

While most of your working time is spent at the office, you also need to work at home. This means going online, but HMRC refuses to allow a tax deduction for any of your broadband costs. What steps can you take to improve tax efficiency? More...


Avoid tax traps when personally using company cash

If you use your company’s money to pay for personal items or just to top up your cash, it can result in tax charges. When will these apply and how can you legitimately avoid them? More...


How much should an investor pay for shares?

You set up a business several years ago and it’s been successful. You’re looking to bring in a new investor by offering shares in your company. Should you sell some of your shares or get your company to issue new ones? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2017

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