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How much tax will you pay on your income in 2017/18?

A new tax year starts in April and the good news is that you’ll be able to receive significantly more income taxable at the basic rate. How can you make the most of this when planning how to take income from your company in 2017/18? More...


Food at work - is it safe for you?

You’ve moved to out of town premises so you want to buy in some basic food items to make it easier for your employees at lunchtime. A colleague warns you that you’ll have to meet food hygiene standards or you could be fined. Is he right? More...


Using company money to pay your tax bill

You have a large self-assessment tax bill to pay at the end of January. The trouble is that after the excesses of the festive season you’re a bit strapped for cash. What are the tax consequences of using company funds to pay HMRC? More...


Helpful changes to inheritance tax

From 6 April 2017 you’ll have a higher inheritance tax (IHT) allowance if you own residential property which is left to a direct descendant. How much is this new allowance and who is considered to be a direct descendant? More...


Less tax relief for company pension contributions

The Autumn Statement proposed changes that are a slap in the face for directors using the pension flexible access rules introduced only 18 months ago. What changes are being introduced and what steps should you take as a result? More...
Last updated: 24.02.2017

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